Mobilizing citizen donors worldwide to support the global movement for educational equity.



We believe that our world will operate at its best when all children have inclusive and equitable quality learning.

Learning Crisis

Due to decreasing investment in education, numerous barriers to access, and poor educational outcomes, more than 260 million children are not learning and gaining the necessary skills to thrive in the 21st century.

Vision + Mission

We envision a world where all children are learning and gaining the necessary skills to reach their potential. Our mission is to increase and improve the outcomes of giving to education.


We will do this by:

1. Crowdfunding to support and scale the work of existing youth-led initiatives committed to social justice for children.

2. Creating an education giving pledge, one that will inform people, especially young philanthropists, about the global learning crisis and inspire them to to donate money and/or time to organizations committed to children’s education.

3. Fostering a global network of institutions that will share knowledge and resources with one another and with young changemakers to accelerate and amplify impact for global education.


Our Sponsor

We are a sponsored project of Cheerful, Inc., a nonprofit corporation registered in the state of Delaware and a recognized 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. Cheerful exists to receive and grant funds to public charities and to provide the nonprofit community with fundraising technologies that help scale generosity and cultivate younger donors. Our partnership with Cheerful will help us achieve our mission.


260by26 is Responding to the Call


"The Commission calls for a global movement to advocate for the rights of everyone to an education and to make the case for educational investment and reform – a movement which can hold leaders and institutions accountable for delivering the promise of a Learning Generation.

The Commission’s vision for the fastest expansion of education opportunity in history will simply not be possible without the active participation and advocacy of young people and families, teachers and faith leaders, communities, civil society and business leaders, and political leaders at all levels.

The global movement for education must be united by commonalities instead of divided by the vested interests of organizations, institutions, and agencies.

Mobilizing this movement and ensuring its impact will require investment, organization, and coordination. It will require leadership with the courage to build unexpected coalitions, to call out difficult truths, and to take risks in the pursuit of progress."

- The Learning Generation Report by The Education Commission, 2016