sofia maradiaga

A passionate Marketer, Volunteer, and Educator, Sofía Maradiaga has had ample international experience in fields like Fashion, Luxury, Manufacturing, Entrepreneurship, Education, Market Research, Foreign Languages, and Project Management. She currently holds Bachelor's Degrees in Marketing & International Business and Finance (with Summa Cum Laude awards), with graduate certificates in Digital Marketing and Biometric Research. Sofía dedicated a considerable part of her student years to community development by organizing the first TEDx University in Honduras, supporting events like Startup Weekend, and being student ambassador and later Ambassador of the Year for Laureate International Universities through the execution of project that joined students of different backgrounds and cultures together. Today, Sofía Maradiaga leads a multi-faceted life. She's an assistant professor and researcher in UNITEC for Neuromarketing laboratory courses, Financial Coordinator in a multinational textile manufacturer, and Volunteer for the Project Management Institute. On the side, she supports cool projects, mentors startups, and looks for new adventures.